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SocialSafe.netWhat value do you put on your Facebook profile? I bet quite a high one – few users have a casual approach to the popular network, and their profiles often have hours of work behind them. A problem that arises is that not necessarily every single item that is found within Facebook is retrievable.


And a lot of information that is found is also contributed by others, such as photographs where each other is tagged and so on. These can be easily lost when an account is deleted.

Bearing in mind the importance an account can (and does) have, then, it comes as no surprise that a service like this one has become available. The only surprising thing to me, actually, is that one did not materialize before. It lets you save your account and have it downloaded into your local machine or device. Once you have done so, the content can be browsed offline without hindrances of any kind, and dispensing with the worry the content can eventually disappear from the network.

Currently, this solution retails at $ 2.99. More features are forthcoming from the company (support for other networks is imminent), and I wonder if eventual competitors will come into the picture sometime soon. In Their Own Words

“SocialSafe is a backup tool for Facebook. It allows you to connect to Facebook and download your photos, photos you are tagged in, friends and profile both for safekeeping and so you can view them offline.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Facebook grows huger each minute of the day. Such a user base will naturaly want to have its back covered.

Some Questions About

What is the next network that will be supported?


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