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SociaCard.comSociaCard is a startup company that aims to solve the (seemingly insoluble) problem that arises from being part of several social networking sites at the same time. Because the simple truth is that every person who is on Twitter is also on Facebook, and most of them are also on services like Flickr and Picassa, and they share news using sites like Digg and Reddit, and they have their own YouTube channels… The result? It is very difficult to get to know all there is to know about any person without having to visit a good couple of different sites, one after the other.


SocioCard has the objective of putting an end to that by letting users come up with social visiting cards that basically aggregate all their social information in the same place. Any person who receives one such card will know exactly which services any new acquaintance is using for photo sharing, along with where can he exactly be found on Facebook and Twitter (remember, sometimes people are not instantly findable there owing to the screen names they go for).

These social visiting cards can be created and spread for free. Over 45 different social sites are already supported – MySpace, Netvibes, LinkedIn, Orkut, Pandora… these are just the ones you will immediately make a quick association with. In Their Own Words

Share your entire web presence and let your friends connect with you in all social media sites you belong to…

Why It Might Be A Killer

So many social media sites are supported that the service can but achieve its aim: letting users show others every facet of who they are online.

Some Questions About

How popular can this site become?


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