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SecondChess.comThose keen on chess (one of the most enduring games that history has witnessed) will love visiting this new site. Generally speaking, it is a social site where they can connect with like-minded individuals the world over, and discuss everything about the game that they put all their passion into.


The site is currently available in English, and if all goes well it is going to be translated into many European languages. These will include Spanish, Italian and French.

Users can upload pictures and videos and share them without limitations of any kind, and they can also share highlights from their best games. Of course, messaging functionalities are accounted for and you can always contact your friends privately if that is what you want.

In final place, it is important to mention that the site has a full section which is devoted to chess news. If you deem yourself as a chess aficionado (or more than that) and want to know all about any event coming your way, then this site is worth checking out and adding to your collection of bookmarks. In Their Own Words

“The place where the chess people meet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Chess is so popular that a site wholly devoted to it is bound to do well.

Some Questions About

How many users are already registered on the site?


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