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Schoopy.comSchoopy is a social networking site for schools. Schools can sign up and carefully create a networking site for their school that allows the school to communicate with parents, teachers and students online, as well as create “communities” within the school.


Those communities are usually specific classes (ie, Mr. Smith’s geometry class), teams (tennis team) or clubs (debate club). That way, people within those communities can organize and communicate with each other (they have a great calendar graphic that keeps everyone on the same page). Testimonials on the site share that teachers like to post homework assignments, quizzes, and/or reading material, parents like to check up on what homework their students have and ask the teacher questions directly, and students like to be reminded of their homework assignment and ask the teacher or fellow students for help, if need be. By requiring every person to receive an invitation to join the school or community, the site secures itself from random people coming online. Oh, and of course the users of the site can have individual profiles for individual messaging, etc. The site also had games and an online shop. There are ads on the site, but a school can pay $400 a year to remove those ads. In Their Own Words

“What is SCHOOPY?
A place for students, teachers and parents to connect with all the necessary online gadgets for school life. Find your school and get started!
What can SCHOOPY do?
SCHOOPY connects users so that they can send messages, share pics, post homework..and play games.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

While I was good at doing my homework, many students were not and I’m sure their parents would have loved a way to keep tabs on all assignments in one central location, to check whether assignments were done, and the ability to quickly communicate with the teacher about things such as what tests are coming up. It is also a good way for clubs, teams and teachers to communicate with each other.

Some Questions About

Do schools already have an online intra-communication system? Can schools in the same area communicate with each other? Has their invitation system prevented people from hacking into the system? How many schools do they have online and how many do they hope to pursue?


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