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Poig.comA service that has just debuted, Poig will enable you to create spontaneous get-togethers in the real world. By using Poig, you are given the chance to share exactly what you want to do with friends or people who are nearby (and who have similar interests) for it to happen.


Poig is the first service to help you answer the question, “What should I do next?”, and by letting users easily share their wants with friends (or nearby people who share their interests), it effectively becomes the first platform to use the power of social discovery to help users find fun things to do.

And as far as local businesses are concerned, Poig can be a true game changer. It has endless possibilities for providing relevant offers and specials. For example, a local bar can check Poig to see if there are people looking for drinks in its area. If 6 friends are keen to have something to drink in Beverly Hills, the bar can then proceed to create a drink special that will be available to that group only. In Their Own Words

“Poig is a new way to find things to do.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

On the Web or on your mobile phone, Poig stands as a great way to find things to do with your friends and even new people around you.

Some Questions About

Will people take to it actively?


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