search cancel – Free Online Community was created to provide the perfect web portal for people of any age, gender, or background to share their interests and favorite things on the web.


Users are enable to rate and review what other people find funny or shocking, show off links to your favorite crazy websites, even share cool local news. is the place where the internet becomes YOURS – your Perf picks, your Perf news, and your Perf sites. In Their Own Words

“We’re here to help make creating your own PerfSpot easy! If you’ve got any questions and need live help on the phone, give us a call!”

Why It Might Be A Killer is all about creating an online community that is free of corporate schwag. Share your favorite picks, message your friends, and make a mini-documentary for the world to see…the sky’s the limit! And the best part is, you could get paid for your submissions! Daily contests in EVERY category mean that we’ve got ever changing content sent in from people all over the world. The beauty of is that there’s no limit to who can enjoy their Per Life, men and women, young and old, EVERYBODY loves to laugh and to share what they think is fun and exciting. So go ahead, express yourself, and show off what’s Perf to you! You’ll be surprised to see how many people agree!

Some Questions About

Isn’t the untidiness going to discourage potential users from entering the site?


Author : Charly Zaks

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