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MediaBooze.comWhat value do you place on your Facebook friends? What role do your social network contacts really play in your life? Because if they are a true source of pride and satisfaction, then you can let every person that step into your office or your living room know all about it by using a service like MediaBooze.


Simply put, MediaBooze lets you individualize your top friends on Facebook, and have their images turned into a large poster-sized collage that will be delivered to your front door. This work of art can then be placed wherever others will see it, or wherever it will inspire you. And the site also lets you print it yourself, of course.

If you find this site interesting, you might like to check, a company that provides services quite similar to the ones provided by MediaBooze, and that also has apps for Instagram. And give a look, too. That is a site which lets you take all the photos you have on Facebook and have them printed in the easiest way of all. In Their Own Words

We allow you to create collages of your friends on Facebook. We are also working on other products for you to take advantage of. Compared to what other sites charge we offer very competitive prices or we just give stuff for free whenever possible.

Some Questions About

Why are services like this one always centered on Facebook? Why don’t we ever see one that is focused on LinkedIn, for example?


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