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LikeButton.meUnless you have been locked in a cupboard for the last couple of weeks, you must be aware of Facebook’s decision to create an Internet that is, well, more social and open for everybody. One of the first steps that the gang led by Zuckerberg took was adding “Like” buttons to every site on the WWW.


And if you wonder how successful that move has been, then the site I am reviewing right now will give you more than a good indication.

In essence, it is a repository of these links that your Facebook friends have professed a liking for. These are grouped together under categories like “Tech”, “Videos”, “Travel” and “Social Media”. And the main page also features some of the most popular websites within each category for you to know what is hot a mere glance. Sites “YouTube”, “CNN” and “Huffington Post” (to name but three) are listed on the opening screen.

All in all, quite a good way to figure out the way that the sharing of content on the Internet is evolving. Some might not like the way everything is opening up, but the phenomenon is interesting any way you look at it. In Their Own Words

“Like Button is a wonderful collection of links shared by your Facebook friends from most popular web sites. For the privacy concerned people: don’t worry, Like Button has no access to your personal information. Like Button makes a terrific home page. Sound good?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give you an immediate representation of how content popularizes itself on the Internet.

Some Questions About

How often is the site refreshed?


Author : Roger Hollings

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