search cancel – Personal Diary Online – Personal Diary OnlineSometimes, it’s nice to write down what you’re feeling or how your day went. If you’re one of those that likes to keep a diary, then you should check out Lifeblob.


com. On this site, you’ll be able to talk about your life, and the content will then be viewable in a timeline format. This will allow you to share your experiences with your online friends, and link your timeline with that of someone you went through something with. In theory, this should allow the site to have a complex network of experiences, all linked together by acquaintances. Though it’s still in its alpha stage, you can create an account without a hitch. Making an entry to your timeline is easy, just type in what you did what day and it’s automatically saved. A mobile feature would be nice, but that is sure to come in the future. – Personal Diary Online In Their Own Words

“Simply put, Lifeblob is your personal diary, with a social angle to it – we represent it as a timeline.”

Why – Personal Diary Online It Might Be A Killer

It seems like everyone wants to share their life with others through the internet. Allowing people to do this should make this site a big hit.

Some Questions About – Personal Diary Online

When will there be a mobile client? Aren’t there similar applications built into other social networking sites? – Personal Diary Online


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