search cancel – Social Network for Fashion Lover is a social network that brings fashion lovers together in one online forum.


Whether you’re a designer, a devoted fashionista, or just love looking at clothes, this site is something you must check out. Registered users can log on and post pictures of themselves in their favorite, most hated, most creative, or nuttiest outfit for all the world to see. They can share fashion ideas, swap info on fabric, shops, labels, and designs. Registered users can comment on other users’ outfits, offering their suggestions and critiques, or asking questions on the ensemble. Users can browse based on various criteria, including stores and trend names. In Their Own Words

“ is a Social Network for people who love fashion. And a place for people who want to be seen. shows fashion worn on the streets, in school, in the club, at the beach, in the movie theatre, in a palace, in bed, on top of a mountain, on a date. is the platform for people who like themselves (and their clothes).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a comprehensive site loaded with photos of numerous trends and clothing ideas. brings fashion to the people, giving it a realistic feel that users can relate to. A few additions, such as links to actually purchasing some of the clothing, could add to the experience even more.

Some Questions About

How could links to labels and stores enhance the fashion experience with this site? How could clothing swaps between registered users affect the site? How could a blog add to the site?


Author : Bill Webb

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