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Ibcontact.comIbcontact is a new professional network. It is aimed at businessmen, and it gives them the chance to promote their companies and make new connections in a way that is both simple and direct. They can create profile pages for their companies, pitch their services and products and also join groups of interest. These are just great for getting in touch with like-minded businessmen without having to do any manual filtering.


But not that the site isn’t easy to navigate. Far from it, the provided search functionality makes for looking businessmen up by name, title and the companies they work for (or even own).

Moreover, users of ibcontact can create business-related events and confirm attendance to the ones created by others. And the site also includes a comprehensive collection of articles that go by names such as “Successful Business Networking” and “Business Networking Tips”

And note that those who sign for the service while it’s in beta (IE, right now) will get a full premium membership for a full year. In Their Own Words

Ibcontact is a global business network where you can find new business contacts, exchange opportunities and collaborate with other professionals.

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What would make people choose this over a site such as LinkedIn?


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