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GirlsAskGuys.comMystified by guys? Wondering about girls? Need advice about sex, love or dating? Ask questions here and get honest answers from real-world guys and girls. GirlsAskGuys.


com is a place to get and give advice. Topics are focused on love, sex, dating, breaking up and other relationship-related subjects. Questions and answers are mostly uncensored, so members can be completely honest and open with one another. This results in more candid advice, even about intimate issues or embarrassing situations. offers its users free tools that enable them to ask and answer questions, write articles, create dynamic profiles, get ranked and recognized, send and receive personal messages, make comments, earn points and more. Need advice on how to ask her out? Want some tried and tested pick-up lines that work? Here you can get the tips you need to make your next move count. In Their Own Words

“Want to know if he likes you or not? Need to know what to do on the first date? Ask your questions here and get honest answers from real people. Wondering why your boyfriend is acting weird? Need help getting your girlfriend to forgive your mistakes and take you back? Ask your questions here and get candid advice from real people.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Relationship and dating advice categories are the most popular destinations in large Q & A websites like Yahoo! Answers and Communities such as iVillage. GirlsAskGuys has created a niche by only offering relationship related content and always offering it better than anyone else.

Some Questions About

This site seems to attract a lot of users. Will they continue upgrading the site to remain being as outstanding as it is?


Author : Liam Gray

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