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FarmVille.comAlthough it was dethroned in 2011 by CityVille as the most popular game played on Facebook, FarmVille is still an amazingly popular social game, with devoted players in every corner of the world.

As you probably know, this game is a farm simulator in which players have to develop their own farms. If you play it, you’ll have to grow the typical products that are grown at farms, and breed your animals. Collecting eggs from your hens and milking your cows are some of the tasks you’ll have to do daily. Of course, being a network game, FarmVille has got all the distinctive features of that category. You’ll get to interact with other people’s characters, and procure the items and services you could need for further improving your farm.

And that’s one of the main aims of a game like this: the interaction among players in itself. Games like FarmVille don’t really have an end.

Farmville was created by Zynga, a developer of social network games which is also responsible for Cityville, Castleville, Indiana Jones Adventure World, Zynga poker and the very successful Texas Holdem Poker.

By now, everybody has got a Facebook account. Playing games such as this one stands as a different way of getting acquainted with people, and discovering more about their interests.

And on you’ll also get some tools to enhance your gaming experience. These include a bar to install on your browser which allows direct access and special bonuses. Also, you can access a news section where you can read the latest tips and developments concerning FarmVille. In Their Own Words

Plant and harvest crops, or buy zebra unicorns and play match maker to polka dot livestock. Your farm, your way.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The game has captured the imagination of people from the very first day, and it will always remain a milestone in the story of social games.

Some Questions About

Where does Zynga plans to go from now? Which new titles does it plan to release next?


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