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Artition.comArtists and art lovers all around the world have a meeting place at Artition, a social network for every single person who has an artistic streak or inclination.


The site enables those who register to present their works online for all to see and comment upon, while being able to see the pieces that others have posted online and offer their insight.

As the webmaster explains, he knows how hard it is for a newcomer in the world of art to gain publicity. That is the reason why he created the site: to provide emerging artists with the outlet for not just exposing their works but also to start making connections.

The Artition website also acts as a marketplace where art lovers can buy and sell works conveniently and with ease. Moreover, invitations to art fairs and other art events can be sent using the site.

It is also interesting to point out that contests are held with frequency, so make sure to check the site often if you are looking for your chance to say out loud “Watch out, here I come!”. In Their Own Words

“As I am an artist by myself I know how hard it is to become recognized. When I finished my first book I was confronted with the same problems every artists will know very well. How to gain publicity? How to find a publishing house, a gallery, a producer, a model agency? To become recognized as an artist you do not only need talent. You need connections and money to receive the publicity you deserve. I realised that connections are in fact even more important for your career then money. This was the moment I had the idea that the internet today can make a great step forward for everyone with an artistic talent.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides artists the means for start cracking it and leaving a mark.

Some Questions About

What artistic representations are taken into consideration? Will others be added in the future?


Author : Roger Hollings

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