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WhereMark.comAugmented reality is one of the most fascinating developments that we have ever seen, at least in my opinion. Any kid of the ‘80s could tell a similar tale of fascination – the shows and movies we used to watch back then featured devices doing things that one would have assumed would only materialize in 100 years.


It turned out the waiting wasn’t even half that long.

WhereMark is an app that does exactly those things we considered as pure fiction back then. It is not that dissimilar to others like Layar or Wikitude. This iPhone app will let you create what are called “wheremarks” that denote places of interest such as a cool venue our have been to, the entrance to the subway or even the spot where you have parked the car.

These marks are displayed over reality using a visor, and you can tap them for more specific details. For instance, if you wheremarked a club the act of tapping it on the screen will produce its phone number and its address.

The best part? This application is downloadable at no cost. If you have an iPhone3GS you will be able to get it from the AppStore, and you will be using it within minutes. In Their Own Words

“WhereMark allows users to “augment” reality by splicing information and the real world. It is a quick reference tool and a travel companion that will find users their next meal, get them to the nearest subway, lead them to a museum and remember where their cars are parked.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

You can get it for free, and its results are up there with the ones yielded by paid applications.

Some Questions About

Will other mobiles be eventually supported?


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