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Vocre.comA very ingenious iPhone application, Vocre can be used by people who find themselves in any country whose language is all Greek to them. Well, this iPhone app will let them have phrases translated live, in one of the coolest ways yet devised. By holding the phone vertically users will record what’s been said, and by flipping it horizontally they’ll have it translated and voiced. Users keep on doing that for the duration of the whole conversation.


No other app makes in-voice translation as simple as Vocre. No other app targets conversation so directly, and enables people to communicate this naturally. Users can even set down the gender of the voice that the app is generating, so as to increase the naturalness of the whole experience.

Vocre can be downloaded at no cost whatsoever at the App Store (download link here), and it comes with 10 free translation. Once these have been used up, it’s possible to buy new batches for as little as 99 cents. In Their Own Words

Vocre [voh-krey] is a new translation app from myLanguage that allows anyone to communicate instantly with anybody from anywhere ? without language being a barrier. With a new spin on usability, this app is our first step in helping the world communicate more easily. Keep an eye out for some new exciting features.

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How many languages are eventually going to be supported?


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