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TapGuest.comTap Guest aims to become a viable alternative to these prehistoric pagers that restaurants use to this very day. A change had to come along, if only because the latest mobile devices are more flexible and practical by definition.


iPads certainly do. And that is the technology Tap Guest takes as its starting point. It offers a paging system for dealing with customers that automates most wait list functions, interacting with guests via voice and SMS and VOIP. When the tables are ready, the customers will be informed about such a fact.

It is important to mention that this paging system can also be run on most computers. But it looks (and works) much better on iPads.

Additionally, Tap Guest works in tandem with the Facebook page of any venue, and it can take care of notifying customers about deals and promotions.

Tap Guest comes in two separate versions, with each supporting its own number of voice and text messages. There are no other major differences to be underlined. As long as you have an iPad (or a computer) with an Internet connection you will be up and running within minutes. In Their Own Words

Wait list for restaurant guides.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A system like this one can be implemented far quicker than buying a pager. And it is much cheaper, too.

Some Questions About

What else can be done using Tap Guest?


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