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SlideShark.comThe latest product to come from BrainShark, SlideShark is an application that lets you watch PowerPoint presentations on your iPad. This app (which you can download for free) lets you do that by uploading the presentations you want to view to your BrainShark account, or to a SlideShark account. That is, you can log in using your already-existing Brainshark username and password, or sign up for a SlideShark account of its own. It’s all the same in the end, as you upload your presentations online for them to be converted into something your iPad can render more than smoothly.


The release of something like SlideShark makes a lot of sense at a time like this, in which absolutely everything is going mobile. And SlideShark actually takes up where SlideRocket left. SlideRocket is a popular software application that was recently updated with the option to let you view presentations on mobile devices. SlideRocket does that by performing an instant HTML5 translation of any presentation you want to watch on your tablet.

SlideShark is a development of that concept, as it combines a web-based translation with a native iPad application to get everything done faster. Faster, and without compromising the quality of what you end up getting. And the app is free to install and use, too. That should be enough for even the most casual of users to give it a try. In Their Own Words

SlideShark is the one and only app used to reliably and professionally show or view your PowerPoints on your iPad.

Some Questions About

Will this app always remain available for free? Or is it going to become a paid app in the future, in whole or in part?


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