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ShorthandMobile.comShorthand Mobile is a company that provides a wide range of text applications for having access to services like Facebook, Google and Twitter from any mobile device, without depending on specific data plans.


That is, what Shorthand does is to bundle together different web content that you hand-pick yourself into one mobile application that uses your SMS text messaging plan in order to connect you with the content that you want.

These applications are named TextApps in the site’s parlance, and they can include services ranging far and wide – everything from Google and Amazon to Facebook and Twitter is allowed.

>Besides, the way in which you can access data using Shorthand is a true point in its favour. Instead of having to memorize and type down codes or words to receive the information that you are after, the app lets you scroll and click through a menu that has direct links to all the content that you are interested in. As a result, any of these apps make for saving not only money but also time – procedures that are tedious become wholly supple. In Their Own Words

“Facebook, Google, Twitter…. the companies we’re connected to online are practically essential for staying in touch and getting things done. That’s why we developed Shorthand. So everyone has easy access to what they need on their phone, all through texting, with no data plan required.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any resource that lets people save both money and time is intrinsically attractive, specially today.

Some Questions About

Are all mobile phones whatsoever supported?


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