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Okimok.comOkimok is a new online destination that is aimed at iPhone users. Basically, it will let them stream any photo that they have taken, effectively creating a “stream of all people”.


In order for your pictures to be included as part of this stream, all you have to do is simply to sign up either at the site or after installing the provided app. Once this has been taken care of you can send the pictures straight from your iPhone.

The site also lets you follow and unfollow other community members, and there is a list of popular people that showcases those with the biggest number of followers at any given time. An invitation-only list called “interesting people” is likewise featured for those who deem themselves as VIP.

Summing up, the site will let anybody share the moments that define his life as captured through his mobile device. If that sounds like an appealing proposition to you, simply head straight to the site and be prepared to become part of an active community indeed. In Their Own Words

“Stream your photos, simply upload them from your iPhone and let friends follow your adventures.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a system will be perfect for those who are always on the go and wish to share their escapades with others.

Some Questions About

At which rate can you upload pictures? Can you upload one every five minutes if the fancy takes you?


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