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Glympse.comGlympse is a brand-new service that is designed to assist those who have a mobile lifestyle and are always on the go. Essentially, it provides them with a dynamic map that enables them to update their whereabouts in real time, hence the site’s tagline of “Share your where”.


Using this service is quite simple, and the actual implementation demands no more effort than the sending of a text message. You simply get in touch with any contact (or “glympse” him to use the site’s term) and then a real time map is displayed for him or her to see. Note that the person who is being glympsed does not have to be using a mobile – any web-capable device suffices. That is so because the recipient receives a unique URL that is employed to display the location of the sender.

It is quite important to note that Glympse entails no registration on part of the user. All that has to be done is download the existing application, select a contact (or a couple of them) and then choose the length of time that you want them to be notified about your whereabouts. The glympse can be cancelled or paused anytime, and you can also extend it effortlessly if that is what you want. In Their Own Words

“Think about it: How often do you share information about your location with friends, family or colleagues each day? Where are you? When will you be home? I’m running 15 minutes late for the meeting. Let’s meet at the restaurant at 6 p.m. With Glympse, you no longer need to make a phone call or send a text to communicate common location-based information. Designed to keep up with an increasingly mobile lifestyle, Glympse visually answers the question of “Where are you?” with a dynamic map that updates your whereabouts in real-time.

You can now “glympse”” anyone in your contact list and share your location as easily as sending a text message, but a lot more fun. Recipients know exactly where you are, when and for as long as you want them to. In short, Glympse is simple, safe location sharing — in an instant.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who lead mobile lives will find it highly appealing, as it makes them instantly localizable wherever they might be.

Some Questions About

How much does it cost?


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