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BuzzVoice.comLetting you listen to your favorite sites and blogs while you are doing something else is the basic premise of this app. Buzz Voice will enable you to take just any website or blog that you visit frequently and have its content read out, effectively making for a hands-free listening experience.


You will be able to stream your favorite content while you are driving your car, when you are commuting, as you are exercising at the gym or jogging down the park… the possibilities are truly endless.

As it currently stands, the latest version of this application (3.0) lets you scan over 1,600 different sources and have them rendered as audio. You will be able to handpick your 20 favorite sources from the ones that are provided, and create a playlist of your very own is thus done in an easy and direct fashion. Once the playlist has been assembled, you will then be able to listen to these topics that are trending at any time.

Besides, you can proceed to share any item that you deem as interesting through all the major social channels of the day like Twitter and Facebook, and receive recommendations in a similar way. In Their Own Words

“BuzzVoice makes your favorite news and blogs talk.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for consuming the news in a way that does not prevent you from doing something else at the same time. In practice, an application like this one will let you maximize your time and be notably more productive.

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