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Borange.comA new iPhone app that has just been released to the public, Borange can be best-described as a tool for sharing social availability, and turning your mobile device into a fully-realized social planner.


That is, Borange will enable you to manage your address book contacts and create groups, send them quick invitations, and see a timeline showcasing availability and future appointments.

For its part, your availability can be shared with whomever you want, and you can keep it as private as you wish. An availability filter is likewise included, and you can forward alerts and replies as you see fit.

Moreover, you can share your current location both via e-mail and mobile text messaging. The latter is available for free, and all major US carriers are duly supported.

This solution is quite easy and intuitive to get to grips with, and in any case the provided screenshots paint a good picture. You will have no trouble at all adjusting to it should you decide to purchase it at the price which is detailed online. In Their Own Words

“Borange lets you group your existing address book contacts, send them quick invitations to call or meet you, and see a timeline of who is available to you now and in the near future.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Solutions such as this one can bring some much needed order into hectic schedules.

Some Questions About

How configurable is the filtering process?


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