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BanzaiApp.comAre you looking for the best apps in order to maximize the uses you can put your iPhone or your Android to? If that is so, the reviews which can be found on this online resource are more than likely to dispel any doubts that you might have.


Essentially, this site garners together and reviews the best iPhone, Android and Nokia apps that surface in several online stores.

These include the iPhone and Android AppStores and the Nokia OviStore.

Each app gets a small review that highlights the most notable points on offer, and a rating is provided from 0 to 5 stars for you to arrive at some sort of conclusion about which app stands a cut above the rest.

The latest apps are displayed on the opening screen, and a search tool is featured for you to look up apps both by name and by mobile platform, so that one way or the other you are sure to find what you need on the spot. So, if you feel it is time to inject some vitality into your mobile device this site might show you the way to go. In Their Own Words

“Tracking the top Mobile iPhone, Android and Nokia Apps from the iPhone AppStore, Android AppStore and Nokia OviStore.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those looking for the freshest apps around will find a visit to the site very informative.

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How many apps are featured per day?


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