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AppsGeyser.comWe can define AppsGeyser as a platform that makes it possible for anybody to create an Android application by using any kind of web content. Such an application will be usable on all Android devices currently on the market, and the app itself can be created using HTML, Javascript of Flash. That decision will be entirely up to you.


Something really commendable about AppsGeyser is that users are given the freedom to create apps by using specific parts of websites, not just RSS feeds (as it is often the case with comparable services). And it is even possible to create apps from your own web widgets, or from any Twitter widget.

Plus, the fact that webmasters who use AppsGeyser will actually be paid every single time people click on the ads which are featured when the app is running make the whole platform stand all the more interesting. They will basically be monetizing their web content in a different setting, and generating an income that can be far from negligible. In Their Own Words

AppsGeyser is a web platform that allows you to convert any web content to Android apps.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you webmasters monetize their already-existing content, with little to no effort.

Some Questions About

On average, how long does it take for an app to be created through AppsGeyser?


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