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Collective-Media.comCollective Media is an online advertising network that employs contextual, behavioral, demographical, and geographical targeting methods to identify your audience and determine the best way to reach out to them. Partnered with ad provider DoubleClick and targeting solutions company Personifi, Collective Media helps publishers and advertisers to increase relevancy and profit by offering a huge network of online news sites in addition to leading vertical brands across a wide variety of content categories.


Collective Media also offers ways to manage and share data related to your campaign, through its “Dashboard” feature. The Dashboard features a variety of options visualize your campaign data; including charts and graphs for revenue and impressions, which can be exported to Excel. Additionally, you can use the Dashboard to compare your campaign to related campaigns. In Their Own Words

“Any ad network can help unload your extra inventory. Collective can add value and establish longer term benefits to both your inventory and your brand. Our approach is more like yours, placing the highest quality, most appropriate advertisers on your site, boosting everybody’s brand, respecting your audience and maximizing revenue.

Collective’s renowned suite of targeting capabilities, our highly selective standards for advertising, and our advanced optimization not only yields the highest value for your inventory, we also elevate your brand with quality, relevant advertisers”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Collective Media has already seen a lot of success among the online advertising industry and is the trusted service provider for many Fortune 1000 brands. The service has grown by over 900% year-to-year, and has just closed out Series A funding with Greylock Partners. In other words, Collective Media is poised for even more rapid expansion and service dissemination.

Some Questions About

Notably absent from the site itself is how exactly one goes about partnering or incorporating Collective Media’s services. Collective Media offers so many different features and options that I wonder if it would be possible to derive custom packages for businesses that may not need or want all of Collective Media’s services. The other element which is unclear is pricing; how much does Collective Media’s full package cost? Is it a set amount, or does it depend on the needs of the business in question?


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