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Blogertize.inIn the words of the Blogertize team, their aim is to “popularize the information culture through innovative Internet advertising.” The approach has its starting point in what is termed “Pixel advertising”, an advertising concept whereby advertisers buy a block of pixels in which they can place an ad.


What the Blogertize team does is to sell pixel buttons not to big corporations but to blogs and forums that include interesting posts and discussions, which entertain but also elicit thought and reflection. The intended topics range far and wide, and they go from sports and entertainment to current affairs and science.

The fees that apply are listed on the section that goes by the name of “Charges”, and the price in USD is provided, along with a reference chart that showcases the price in cents per pixel. The service starts for as low as 15 USD (the cost of a 2,000 pixel button), and the top price is 150 USD for an 8,000 pixel button. In Their Own Words

“Our aim is to popularize the information culture through innovative internet advertising. In this quest we engross partners who recognize the value of creating information properties for themselves as well as the community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a novel way to publicize a blog or a forum.
The website is planning to launch a shopping portal by early next year wherein the products would be sold by the bloggers advertising with the site. The payout to the bloggers could go upto 75% of the total profit earned by the website via its online shopping portal on pro-rata basis.

Some Questions About

How many ads can be purchased at the same time?
One blogger can purchase only one pixel buton for his/her blog/forum/personal website


The company has roped in the services of RaAstudios, a rich internet media house in India, to work on its forum which is scheduled to launch by Nov 2008

Daily and weekly quizzes/contests for the visitors are next in the pipeline which again would contribute to the ever increasing traffic with thousands of prizes including laptops, home theatre systems, digicams, vacation trips and other goodies up for steal.


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