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ChatBadge.comAs its name implies, ChatBadge is a chat system that webmasters can implement in order to open a new communication channel with their every visitor. By using ChatBadge, they will be able to start one-to-one conversations with their visitors, in a quick and simple way. They can use such a system to promote any new product that they are releasing shortly, and they can also use ChatBadge to provide timely customer support.


The actual implementation of ChatBadge involves little more than designing your very own badge using the provided editor, and then pasting the resulting HTML code for the chat to become fully operational.

ChatBadge can be used for free while the site is in beta (IE right now). Once you have signed up for your very own account, you will be able to create a chat and have it deployed as described above. And it is important to mention that all the accounts that are created during the current beta phase are going to remain free forever. In Their Own Words

ChatBadge is a user friendly, live chat tool that increases online sales and improves customer service.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Anything that lets you interact with your customers so directly is innately good.

Some Questions About

When is the site slated to exit beta?


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