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CamChatScript.comChatRoulette hit so hard that about a dozen copycats cropped up within a week. Of course, the basic concept was hard to beat because it combined something incredibly simple with something useful (and entertaining) in itself.


None of these copycats held a candle to the original, but people was bound to try. And if you think that you have what it takes for upstaging the Russian startup yet your lack of technical knowledge is keeping you from trying, then you will find this site remarkable.

In a nutshell, here you can procure a script that clones ChatRoulette’s random chat functionalities. Not only that, it is all fueled by Adobe Stratus peer-to-peer technology. In practice, this means that a media server will not be required in order to get going, and bandwidth usage is going to be kept out of your list of running concerns. The resulting chatroom will work on any OS that supports Flash, too.

At the end of the day, the emergence of a service like this one was to be expected. That doesn’t make it any less useful, of course. But just keep things realistic – don’t expect to create something that will have over 1 million users overnight. In Their Own Words

“Random one-on-one webcam chat script.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who think that they can outplay ChatRoulette will be able to find out where they stand by using this site.

Some Questions About

Supposing everything works out fine, how many visitors could you have in a day?


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