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BounzD.comBounzD is a new platform for communication between companies and their punters. By installing the provided widget into any website, BounzD enables people to make calls using nothing but their computers. There is nothing to download on their side – they are able to make calls immediately, and these call will be forwarded to the company’s landline, or to its Gtalk/Skype account. As a matter of fact, calls can even be forwarded to mobile phone numbers.


BounzD buttons can be placed on sites, blogs and also banners and ads. And the way in which the whole system is implemented, whenever a customer lands on a page that is powered by this technology his behavior will begin being examined, in order to determine how interested he really is in making a purchase. If it looks like the kind of person who would effectively buy anything, then BounzD will start popping up, and prompting him to initiate a conversation with your sales team. So, BounzD is as much of an analytics intelligence engine as it is a communication tool. In Their Own Words

BounzD is an interactive widget for web and mobile, which identifies your potential customers in no time. Once integrated in your webpage, BounzD scans the nature of your customer’s needs and wants using iBounzD platform. It is an analytics intelligence engine which analyses and decodes your customer’s online buying behaviour.

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How much can BounzD widgets be customized?


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