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Twoxit.comHave you been racking your brains as of late, thinking of a way to offer your site visitors more services in order to increase the time they spend online? If that happens to be the case, then the nifty little widget available through this site is probably going to be of help.


In general terms, the featured widget will let you include a Twitter update box on your website for your visitors to tweet from.

All you have to do to implement this service is copying and pasting the string of code that is featured online.

It is all very simple, but there are not many aspects to be configured as it stands. The one element that can be tweaked is the actual color of the box. There are no skins available by default, and there is not an option for uploading one of your own either. Maybe adding these options could be the next item on the to-do list of the programmer. Still, the provided box will do what it purports to do effectively, and it is yet another valid way of engaging site visitors. In Their Own Words

“The Twoxit Twitter Widget / Twitter Tool allows anyone to place a twitter update box on their website for their visitors to update twitter from. This could be a great benefit to you as you will be encouraging visitors to your website to update their twitter profile, possibly about your website!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you want to engage site visitors in a simple yet catchy way, a service like this will help you out.

Some Questions About

Will skins be supported sometime soon?


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