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Build Backend Apps Faster With Altogic

Building a web or mobile application can take months of hard work, involve...

Tips for Start-Ups Hiring College Graduates

The economy is in a strange place. While it has recovered faster than expected, there’s still work to be done for it to return to its pre-pandemic state.

Travel by Exchanging Homes for Free With 48 dots

Our habits have changed since COVID-19. We now work from home and want to...

Tech Startups are Becoming Increasingly Wary of Digital Marketing Frauds

It’s tough to tell if digital marketing fraud is in fact on the rise…or if startup tech companies are simply becoming more aware of it.

Healthcare Startup Improves Efficiency and Boosts Revenue for Healthcare Practices

For the hundreds of thousands of physicians in the United States who own...

Why You Need a Productivity Purge

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were able to juggle only one thing at a time? You know — if you didn’t have to always manage multiple projects?

How to Effectively Measure and Track Employee Productivity

According to a 2018 Gartner report, 50% of 239 large corporations admitted that they were monitoring their employees’ productivity.

4 Reasons to Encourage Collaborative Note-taking During Meetings

Some have found that taking notes during meetings is more beneficial when participants take notes collaboratively.

Enjoy Third-Party Integrations Without the Security Concerns With

While third-party integrations for apps like Slack and Zoom are great for...

10 Realistic and Unconventional WFH Tips

Clearly, WFH isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon — at least not soon. So it’s still necessary to talk about how to work remotely and be productive.